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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cold and gloomy today, unfortunately it may be like this for the next 4 months, the joys of living in Ohio.

D2S P1 RAMP + Strength 1, I really like that it is easy to go heavy in this workout even thou it will be quite a challenge with 15 reps. Next week will be P3 then I think am switching to RKS for a bit.

Part 2 was Sufferfest Revolve which is 9x1min ON/1min OFF + warmup and Cooldown

Decided to use the 5k pace since that was what was called for in BTFR, goal was to run with good form and not hold the treadmill during the ON portion, did very well and maintained good form through was actaully quite happy with myself and I was a sweaty mess when done.

7x1min @7.5mph 2% grade with recovery @ 4mph 2% grade for the last 2 intervals went for 8mph/2% grade since I was quite warmed up and was able to do with, yeah me.

Not sure why I have been quite hungry this last 2 days, really been a conscious effort not to over indulge and start snacking, drinking lots of water and tea nothing added.

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