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Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's cold, wet, windy and my training partner is sick, that does not bode well for a long run, I could have joined other groups but a 7am start just does not sound appealing either, so decided to stay on the treadmill with Coach Troy, after all we are training for speed and he is the best.

After a leisure morning and running errands, started my workout about 1pm,

first up was D2S P1 RAMP and timed metabolic, this is a fun quick workout. I started out with this since I felt I needed a more thorough warmup before hanging with coach T.

Runerval 2.0 Treadmill Tempo

Warmup - 4mph@2% incline for 4 mins then 3mins@6mph/2% incline

2 mins rest @ 4-4.5mph/2% grade

4x90secs @7mph/2% grade, 30sec rest @7mph/1% grade (since I took my treadmill apart to fix, it now works but not on the buttons function and some am afraid to try, on of those that doesn't work is the incline up or down button but the #s work)

2 mins rest @ 4-4.5mph/1% grade

4x90secs @7mph/3% grade, 30sec rest @7mph/1% grade

2 mins rest @ 4-4.5mph/1% grade

3x90secs @7mph/4% grade, 30sec rest @7mph/1% grade

 2 mins rest @ 4-4.5mph/1% grade

3x1min@7.0 with incline @ 4%,  5%, 6% recovery 1 min @ 4.0/1% grade

Cool down @ 6.0mph/2% grade to 50 mins

This is probably the best, I have done this workout, keeping the pace and only adjusting the incline during the 8 mins workout stretch, the pace was challenging but do able. I actually felt pretty good for the last 3x1min reps and finishing at 6mph took a bit of effort.

Afterwards was a nice restorative yoga with Jules Mitchell called take it down a notch, heavenly.
Finish just in time to get ready for the wedding, decided to switch outfit since this was an outdoor/tent wedding and I didn't think my original outfit was warm enough. Did ok with the food but a wedding at a great winery, well, 3 glasses of wine and an Oktoberfest beer but I was still within my allocated calorie intake and only dip slightly into my workout calories.

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