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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I love morning when I wake up with the I can conquer the world altitude, hung out with Rachael for D2S RAMP + Strength 1, this workout have long recover  that I really push to the limit with heavy weight deserving every minute of that recovery.

Then off to Sufferlandria, was really suffering today, somehow I did much better with holding the pace last week but struggle this time around but upon looking at my log realized I was a tad bit more conservative since I wasn't sure how the program worked while today, I really tried to stick to 5k, 10, sprint paces, finished off about 0.4 miles faster than last week, yeah baby. Avg pace 9:58

After work, met up with Shelby to run in  the dark, we both have 2 lamps, I had one on my head and one around my waist, it just seem ridiculous for it to be so dark at only 5:30pm. We went our usual route and despite being tired I want to keep the pace relatively fast, well at a medium effort to really get the effect of running on tired legs with the knowledge of no run tomorrow.

Also first time wearing my Hoka Bondi 3 size 10, I like how they feels but I think I need a half size more for a proper fit or work on the lacing, love the cushioning in the forefoot since it protects my big right toe, I felt like I was running more upright with power despite being tired. I still have the Hoka Kailua to try out but now have a feeling they may fit big since I got those in a size 11.

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