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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

After falling into a nice peaceful sleep @9:30pm I was awaken at 12:15am with a text from my youngest to a question I asked earliest in the day. Now wide awake I found it impossible to go back to sleep and after tossing and turning for 3 hours eventually fell asleep, which translate to no long workout today.

Got in D2S P3 Complex metabolic, love that I was able to go heavy on this one and needed all the 90secs recovery, 3 rounds, 8 reps, right side then left side dead lift, clean, offset front squat and then push press. Started out with the 12kg for 2 rounds then 16kg for the last round, was a struggle but it felt right.

Was going to do another high intensity interval DVD that I got from the library but it was so dated and slow that I toss it out and moved on to the next. I decided to do Exhale Cardio Sculpt Wk1 Day 2 which was energy flow + thigh tone and stretch. The thigh work was ballet inspired and great, thighs were on fire.

Couple of rounds with the GOTR at the Twinsburg fitness track since it was only 36F outside, they are about as ready as they are going to be for the 5k, but body Sunday is going to be cold.

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