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Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Review

Well it was cold as usual since this is Ohio after all and the occasional flurries never turn into a blizzard but didn't stop either so ended up with about 3 inches of snow, I decided to volunteer at the Green Jewel 50K Saturday when the race director send out a plea for more help at the aid stations. Started ot at the mile 10 aid station and was surprise to see how fast the pace was since there was a coating of fresh snow on the all purpose trail, after 2 hours with 90% of the runners though the aid station, I headed to mile 19 AS, I really have to say even with the multiple layers I have on, I was cold and my toes where freezing since I have been standing in wet, snow covered grass.

Well, mile 19 was no different still in wet snowy mess and now expose to the wind, it was great seeing the runners and helping out but after another 2 hours and 90mins yet to go before the AS close down, I was extremely cold and decided it was time to leave, the AS captain had enough people on hand and most of the runners had already gone through so he was okay with me leaving.

Got home took a hot shower and fell into a deep sleep, so much for running and swimming after volunteering, oh well, but it was great seeing the runners, great job to them on getting through very difficult race conditions but I was quite surprise on how many runners still wore shorts.

Sunday, I decided to join the Portage Tri group for an indoor ride, they got the new Sufferfest and since I know it is not on my to buy list due to limited fun, felt this was a good way to try it out. Sufferfest Blender is more structured than any of their other workouts and also the longest at 100mins, it was a really great workout and nothing beats suffering as a group. Got back home showered and took another power nap. Life is good.

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