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Monday, February 25, 2013

Swimming Fears

Well, I made it to my swim lesson on Saturday after running 10 hilly miles probably wasn't a brilliant idea but I know I will not run nor did I have the time to run after swimming, jam packed day. I still did not get into the deep end but did eventually go half way to the 6ft section and swim back, panic and froze the 1st time in, sat out for 10mins then decided to try it again. My confidence grew in the 6ft section and I was able to swim back and forth a couple of times. After the 1 hr class when back to my swimming pool (the pools are about 15mins apart didn't shower, put wet running top and pant back on and left) since it has no deep end and practice for another 30mins. Swimming with the fins make a big difference, coach said most runners have poor flexibility in the ankles, so using it help build much needed strength. I paid for 5 sessions determine to stick with it for now. It was great seeing all the little kids swimming and having no fear of the water, at some point I will have to get over my fear but I think I have come along way considering I won't even get in the pool initially. While in the 6ft section, I was able to see how deep the deepend really is and how people are gliding across the water and the little kids feet learning to tread water. It did occur to me I need to learn to tread water, since I have never been in a deep end, except when I was thrown in I don't know how and that is probably another source of my fear, what do I do when I get tired and I am in the deep section, right now at my pool since it is left than 5ft, I just stand.
I have been watching some videos at and it has really been very helpful in expalining what to do and what I am doing wrong, oh well the battle continues. Focus is just develop a stronger/better kick so I can get through the length of the pool without stopping, then work on breathing.

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