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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My running schedule called for yoga or pilates yesterday and this is rest week/do your own thing on the cycling schedule according to Coach Troy while we wait for the last phase in the Super6 program. Woke up yesterday with very tired legs + pain in my right foot again and I kept on telling myself I need to run abit or bike then it became maybe go to the gym to swim to work the kinks out but the schedule didn't call for either of that so actually for the first time in a long time stuck with the schedule and just did yoga last night. Did Yogamazing 389: Yoga for Bed which was just perfect to stretch everything out and calm the mind.

Woke up this mornign well rested and feeling better, legs were still quite heavy and sore which is to be expected due to running in ankle deep snow on Sunday. On the schedule for today was 45mins recovery run then bike and strength. I did about 50mins on the treadmill since it took almost 30mins for the legs to feel ok and the heart rate to stay under control, HR kept on spiking at 180bpm so I will walk a bit to get it back down to the 130s based on the pace I was running I expected it to be low. After 5 miles got on the bike and just did some free cycling while watching Mission Impossible, legs felt much better and HR stayed low, 45mins later got in abot 10+ bike miles and called it a day.

For strength today, it was Cyclo-core 2.0 Endure, this really felt great, yoga + slow strength training I started out with 8# dumbbells but once I realized this was going to be a slow count 4 down, 2 hold, 4 up I iincrease the weight to 20#, I think for the next time I will go to 25#.

No pain in the right foot today, happy about that, so glad I paid attention and took the 1 day off. Not sure if i am going to make it to the pool today again, not really doin gvery good on the 3/week swim. oh well

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