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Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Review

This was a jam packed weekend that made fitting in training very hard but I did the best I could and I think it was that bad, didn't achieve the goal to do Spinerval 26.0 Hardcore 100 which is 5hrs and 45mins just not enough time in the day.

Saturday, up by 7am to get son to school for Academic Challenge, then back to the house to get hubby ready to leave the country and take to airport, drop off at noon, back to pick son up and take to a party at 12:40pm, drop son off then off to 2pm USATF rules training. Great info at the rules clinic free event, that ended about 5:15pm then back home to drop dinner off to son then off to Portage Lake Tri club monthly meeting. Finally got back home about 8:30pm with a headache, crawl into bed fully dressed and was promply asleep. Plan was to do the ride after the meeting there was no way that was happening, I was bone tired.

Sunday up at 7am to start the ride, then friend text she is doing her 1st tri nearby and need support, so off I went, got there about 8:30am left about 10:30am, stop at the rec center to get a swim in but it was packed so went home and got on the bike for an hout plus (started HC100) before I had to meet The Ohio Runner's Network menbers for a 1pm run. Got in 10+miles in ankle deep snow, had some great snack after the run, thanks to the members, then back home I went, stopped on the way to pickup dinner, got home got back on the bike for a quick 40mins ride before church. Shower went to church, got back, did a quick round of Yogmazing: Yoga for triathletes, check email and FB then it was bed time.

Had a great time but boy amd I tired, did decide to sign up with a local caoch to help with my swimming< i need to get in the deep and I am not going to do it on my own.

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