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Friday, February 15, 2013

Wild Card Day

On teh spinerval schedule for today was wild card, which means do what you want for 90 mins, I didn't really feel like doing 90mins worth of workout but did feel like using my wild card any way of the running schedule it was a rest day. So after getting up late since I think I am still recovering from something decided to do a 30mins free ride, never really gotten on the bike before and just ride so this was a first, it actually went pretty good, ended up with a progressive ride and very happy about it. I think I need to learn to get out of my comfort zone and push myself a little bit, I stayed in the small ring which was also something I am trying to work on seem to love grinding the big gears.

 Split        Time       Distance     Speed (MPH)

1             5:12.5       1.00               11.5
2             5:05.7       1.00               11.8
3             4:04.5       1.00               14.7
4             4:01.2       1.00               14.9
5             3:59.1       1.00               15.1
6            3:50.6        1.00               15.6
7            3:36.5        1.00               16.6
8            0:22.2        0.11               17.5

Summary 30mins 12 sec ride, did 7.11 miles for an average speed of 14.1MPH

After the bike decided to do a 1 mile run but then ended up doing 2 miles, also progressively mile 1 from 6.0-6.4 miles 2 from 6.2 - 7.0 felt great but i still do not have my running legs back, this are still hard.

I should have done a strength workout but I eneded up on FB answering a trail running question for a friend training for her first ultra. Switching to an ultra race is really not that hard but I think one of the biggest thing people had to get use to is actually eating, you cannot go and run an ultra marathon on just gels, you just need some real food and the distance just doesn't translate when it comes to road. 1 hour on the road you may go 6+miles while on trail you may barely get to 4miles.

Spinerval Hardcore 100 is this weekend still haven't figure out when to get it in, since I need to get hubby ready to travel and son to misc activities , this is a 5.5 hour ride, first time doing this, not sure if I am going to do the whole thing but I will at least start and see what happens.

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