Miles to Health

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Took some tylenol pm before bed last night to help fight whatever my body is fighting with and to get a good night sleep but I think even though I got a good night sleep, woke up before the alarm, I noticed I was still groggy and it was even terrible on my way to work, had to really pay attention and focus.

This has been a cut back week since I am not feeling 100%, I have really not kept to the cycling goal but have tried to keep with the running and weights. On schedule for today was Spinerval 37.0 Suffer on the Chesapeake which I do not have so picked one of the alternate Spinveral 3.0 Suffer-O-Rama, which is one of my favorite, it is a relatively hard workout but there is no long steady tempo just all quick sprints.

For strength today, did Cathe Supersets instead of Push/Pull, not sure why I prefer P/P to SS it is really not that much longer but I think P/P just hit all the spot and makes me feel completely workout.

I really need to get back in the pool, not going to learn to swim by thinking about it, still cannot swim the length of the pool without stopping why I do not breathe since I do not roll side to side. I swim straight and stay straight so when I have to breath I have no choice but to stop swimming and take a breath. Am hopin gnow that I know what I am doing wrong i can work on fixing it. I love being in the water and really hate not being able to swim and enjoy it.

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