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Monday, March 4, 2013

TR: Gayley

No running today so that puts biking on the schedule, I am still doin the trainer road intermediate base 1 plan, next up was Gayley which is 4x8mins@FTP, wait wait I  just change FTP to 182 after the 8 mins retest, so this is going to be my first ride at the new FTP, I did much better than expected and was able to hold the new power for the 8mins, yah me. I am really loving push from using trainer road, I never throughly understood the concept of training with power until I started using trainer road, resting between sets and working hard when am suppose instead of just constantly grinding the same gear.

Got in Supreme 90, Cardio Challenge after the ride, this is a low weight high reps workout to get the heart rate up, kind of kick butt after the ride but I got it done.

I try going to the pool after work, but they have classes and the only 2 lanes available for adult swim was already being use by 4 people so turn around and went home to finish cleaning and sorting through stuff.

Now that the work in my closet is all sorted out, I decided to tackle all the cookbooks, I have over 100 books and I think maybe I use 10, so it was time for them to go. I made a library and to sell at Half price books pil, so nice to have that part of the kitchen clean. I added some workout and gardening books to the pile.

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