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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Since I didn't get all the running workout in for week 2, I decided to repeat the week, so today was the 5x5mins @ threshold pace with 90secs recovery. Started out with a 10mins warmup, then did 5mins at 6.4mph except for some reason instead of present the lap button I pressed the stop button, when I then press lab took me to recovery, so at the end I ended up taking 5mins from the coold own to make sure I ended up with 5x5 on record, yes quite anal.

I decided to check out swimming in the morning since kids are not allowed until after 10am, this actually worked out much better, so I only have the Silver Sneakers (senior citizens) and SHM (they come onces the kids get on the bus) to deal.

Still not making that much progress in the water, just too many things to think about, like I said before I am probably over thinking it but now the older life guard is taking an interest in correcting me, will see how that goes.

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