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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TR: Baxter

Baxter was next on the trainer road intermediate phase 1 training plan, it looked easy enough since I was only at a FTP of about 148 since my max FTP is 182 but there was one catch, pick a gear and stay there for the whole 90mins, the power is changing and I can ride fast, faster or slow to make sure I stay within said power, really love the workout, great way to build leg speed, ended up small ring/18

After the ride was Supreme 90 Legs, the hamstring was on fire, doing the hip raise on stability ball roll out, pack a punch for 30mins.

Quick change and off to the pool to get in 30mins of water play, on the way to the airport to pickup hubby, stop by Half Price Books and sold the cookbooks and misc others ended up with $40 and I spend $6 on a triathlon book.

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