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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Soaring Heartrate

45mins easy on the schedule today, for some reason I am struggling with running seem all I want to do is ride or play in the water. I started this workout easy enough but for some reason my heartrate was climbing and at a very slow jog I was pass my max and was reading 210, so turn off the treadmill and let things drop down to 100 before starting back up on , initially took it to a slow work and that didn't do the trick.

After gettign back on the treadmill and restarting, HR over around the 140s, not really sure was cause it to spike, I did feel fine, no light headedness or anything when it happened. Got in the required 45mins for 4.65 miles.

Strength workout for today was S90: Chest and Back and then quick change off to the pool, my life guard adviser came in towards the end of my session, only got in 20mins this time around.

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