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Friday, March 8, 2013

TR: Ericsson

So technically, today I started week 2 of Trainer Road Intermediate base 1 training plan, goal for this week "allow you to target your leg speed and allow you to begin to build your aerobic engine. The long weekend workout affords the opportunity to home in on a cadence that best suits your riding style and/or personal physiology" 

On the schedule for today was Ericsson which is a ride in the sweetspot zone, "4x8-minute intervals in the Sweet Spot power range (88-94%FTP)"  I had done Ericsson earlier in the year (2/6) so it was interesting to see the difference in performance, I was really quite happy to see that even thou I was working at a higher power output my average heartrate was lower 129 to 137, max was about the same but that was probably because I put the power output for the 4th 8 mins cycle just for the fun of it seeing if I could hold a higher power.

Ericsson TSS - 64, IF=0.8

3/8/13 Ericsson Workout FTP = 182

Name          kJ/Cal    TSS    NP      Power   Target P    HR     CD
Workout       493        70      152        137          128        129       81
Interval 1       80          11      167        168         167         137      79
Interval 2       79          11      164        165         167         136      79
Interval 3       80          11      167        168         167         135      80
Interval 4       91          15      190        191         167         145      85

2/6/13 Ericsson Workout FTP = 166

Name      kJ/Cal  TSS    NP      Power    Target P    HR       CD
Workout   449       67     135       124         117           137        80
Interval 1   73        11     152       152          152          147         82
Interval 2   73        11     152       153          152          148         84
Interval 3   73        11     152       153          152          147         84
Interval 4   74        12     155       156          152          148         84

CD = Cadence  HR = Heartrate
Functional Threshold Power, or FTP is the maximum average power you can hold for one hour, higher is better.
Normalized Power or NP gives you an average power number if you would have ridden at a constant power output.
Training Stress Score or TSS is the amount of training stress generated from a workout. The higher this number the more potential fitness you earned from a workout.

Intensity Factor or IF is how intense a ride is. A ride with an Intensity Factor of 1.0 would equal an all out effort for an hour. If you did an hour at .8 IF that means it was about an 80% effort.

After riding, got in Supereme 90 Ultimate Ball, how many ways can you work your core in 30mins on a stability ball, lets just say I am going to be sore tomorrow, did the cool down. Love the pigeon stretch, really hit the butt muscles, not sure why they are still so sore, all I can think of is major DOM from the leg workout, which also targeted the butt and hamstring.

Skip swim today since I was running late, amd always have to leave work early on Friday to get my son from the library before it closes at 5:30pm. Plan on attending the swin class with Coach Tim tomorrow but I may just save the rest of the punch for next, need to check to make sure they don't expire. Right now I am thinking of signup for a 6 weeks - twice a week lesson for adult beginners at a local university, am sure the student needs someone to practice on.

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