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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quick Review

Due to life been missing for a while I have been unable to get on and blog I am still in the Spinerval Super6 challenge although I did take 9 days off to do the Sufferfest 9 days Challenge. What made the challenge so great was the introduction to Trainer Road a great training software. I love seeing the data when training, even though I can see some of the data in Garmin, it is really not the same, I am able to see HR, Cadence, Power and when in free ride % of FTP right as I train. The graph records HR and Power so you can easily see when you are dropping can't pretend it is not happening, it really help step up my game and make training so much more fun and effective.

I still do not have a concrete plan for the year, just still not sure what I want to do but I love what am doing now with  no pressure of an upcoming race. I am also loving the no pain after workout, not sure if it because I am training smarter with the inrease cross training or what but I will take it.

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