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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spinerval 42.0 + Run

Was a bit tired this am, since I went to bed later than expected and for some reason had a wired dream that woke me up but I couldn't remember a thing. I dally in bed until about 4:45am then eventually got up since I know I have a 2hour workout planned.

I wore my Skirt Sport Cruiser bike girl skirt for the first time today, got this in a sale since I believe the Pow print is discoutinued. It worked out great, right thigh length (hate when thigh rub against saddle because the length isn't long enough, real problem when I get sweaty), waist was perfect and the leg didn't ride up while riding, actually didn't think about it at all while suffering, so 2 thumbs up.

Spinerval 42.0 - Quads on Fire, this was my first time doing this workout even thou it has been in my collection for over a month, well not sure am going to be jumping to do it unless coach request it, quads were definately on fire. I am still using trainer road to track my workout and I think this is what made this even more fun :), I picked the 90mins free ride form TR and so was able to see the %power off my FTP, ride was 80-90 of FTP and based on the test I did at TR my FTP is currently at 166. Workout was 2x12mins, 2x8mins, 2x6mins and then finish off with 3x1min all out. The workout can be seen here.

After making sure the kid got off for school okay, got on the treadmill and did a steady 5k run.

I have been using Pacific Health labs product for training and recovery, I love the Endurox R4 in vanilla, great for making my recovery breakfast smoothie with some frozen fruits, coconut manna, almond coconut milk, unsalted almond butter and nutiva hemp shake.

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