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Friday, February 8, 2013

Spinerval 5.0: Mental Toughness + Cathe

Another day with Coach Troy today, Spinerval 5.0 - Mental Toughness, this workout moves so fast that before you know it the 90mins is over. I don't like the first 10mins since there is so much gear changing in such a short period,  every 30secs you change gears, my bike wasn't happy. The main objective thou is to stay in a steady state zone. I also love it when it tells, you are almost done and you get to rest only to realize the rest is only for 1 min. I stayed on my bike during the isometric squats, just didn't see the need to do them since I was doing strength work later and that had plenty of squats.
I love the last set in this workout, this is 3x45sec but every 15mins you increase speed, my highest power was 326 which was sweet to see since my FTP is 166, survive 15mins, I guess I have plenty of work to do. I had a problem with trainer road today, lost the graph for the first 15mins of the workout but the time was still correct, when done only showed 1:14.. worked out but when I resynced it corrected itself need to get the data log to them to see what happened.

Second workout for today is strength, did Cathe's Push/Pull workout again, I love this workout, it is efficient and to the point, minimal down time and nothing too fancy. Every body part is worked including inner thigh, calves and shin.

Checked my email after working out today and found an email from Zooma that the Chicago race was open, went straight to the website and registered then text my niece to see if she wants to run it with me since I am going to be crashing at her place anyway, even thou I know she had a race planned for June but there is plenty of time to rest, recover and get back to training since this is in August, she said YES. I guess just like the jewelry commercial.

Another cold snowy weekend but as long as their is a bike trainer and treadmill, my workout will get done.

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