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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Oh what Tough Love

Woke up this am a little unmotivated, it was cold out although we didn't get the big Nemo storm, the plan was a long run (although Coach only had a 45mins run in the Spinerval Super6), since I am not training for anything I use that term loosely and then Spinerval 13.0 Tough Love. Why is it called Tough Love because it is 3 hours of pure torture on the trainer, although time did fly this time around.

Since I was feeling very motivated, decided to hang out with Black Girls Run South East Cleveland group who were meeting at 9am, my other problem was that I had a 11:30am dentist appointment so I couldn't meet up with the forget the PR group for hill repeats. BGR SE was meeting at Garfield Park and that was only 20mins from my house, so I figure I should be able to get in at least 6miles it was better than nothing. It was cold, temps was 26degrees but no wind so that made it quite bearable.

Even though Garfield Park is about 20mins from I have never been there, it is actually a great place to run, there is also a Nature Center with indoor restroom. We were going to be running on the multi purpose trail which was 2 miles long and has a nice hill regardless of which direction you go so I guess no cheating.

Got in 7 miles with my ladies before having to run home, shower change and head to the dentist.The Brooks Green Silence did great in the snow and ice without the yak-trax attached, didn't have to slow down or walk even thou the trail was a bit icy.

Got back from the dentist after a quick stop for pho then came home rested while seeing what is going on in the world around me, or in other words procrastinating, well about 5pm knew I had to go get it done so off I went to the basement, pop in the DVD(Spinerval 13.0-Tough Love) and we are off. Still new at  this biking thing and my pace sucks but this was one of my fastest ride so fare so excited about that, had to make 2 stops to start dinner and also refuel, drank a lot of water during this ride. Not sure if I will can call it fun but time did fly, hate the 20mins and 30mins segments.

Now drinking some Endurox R4 Vanilla, this taste really good for recovery.

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