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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stringing it together

Taking it easy this week in preparation for the 9 days of Sufferfest but then I think because of the unusually cold temps I seem to have an abundant amount of energy and completely overjoy that the body is slowly healing.

I felt like running and biking this morning so decided to have fun doing a brick, love the workouts in TrainerRoad and was able to find some short ones to fit the challenge.

Rodgers - 20mins biking 4.24 miles
1 mile run 9:35
Whitney - 13 mins bike 2.76miles
1 mile run 9:46
Humphrey - 13mins bike 3.19 miles
1.13 mile run 10:51
Davis - 16mins bike 4.02 miles
So got in a 5k run and about 14.21miles

This was so much fun but I probably should have picked more reasonable bike workout because Whitney and Humphrey were killer VO2max intervals and I was dying and couldn't maintain the pace for the should time or switch fast enough due to fatique. Had to switch shoes between the bike and run but it wasn't that bad and I was able to see my heartrate while running on trainer road so that was nice.

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Lauravanmeer said...

Reading your blog is so motivating. Thanks a lot for sharing