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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Fall of the Year

Great run today with my running partner Debra, we went a different route today CVS to Glenwillow, unfortunately with 1 mile to go, I got my right foot on something and down, this was right after crossing the 5 lane road with all the people in the car wondering why any body in the right mind will be running this early in the morning and down I went. I was able to break my fall with my left hand but my left knee got pretty banded up and my running tights ripped. All in all still a great run, this is a more hilly route so struggle  abit on it.

Since I am done with Dax Moy 30 Challenge, got great result and great awareness of what I put in my mouth, now moving to the BodyRock TV Feb challenge,  I am still planning on staying on Dax Elimination Diet since I like the simplicity of it.

Day one was the fit test, workout for 50secs rest 10secs 50/10, My scores for the fit test:
1. Squat Jumps: 27
2. Pushup: 25
3. Burpees: 11
4. High Knees: 50
5. Switch Lunges:  34
6. Tuck Jumps: 19
7. Tricep Dips on Dip Station: 28
8. Straight Abs: 21

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