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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

BodyRock Day 2

6.2 miles on the treadmill doing a pyramid up workout while watching Ironclad (great movie) on Netflix, the left knee was slightly twinge but the kink worked itself out by mile 1. Moved the pace from 5.9 - 7.5mph felt great through out the run, if I can metally challenge myself this year I think I can make some great gains in my training, just need to get over the mental block. Use Rachel Cosgrove warmup from her breakthough book.

Did day 2 of the BodyRock workout, 10 reps then work way down the pyramid to 1.

1) Alternating hand sand bag swing using 12kg Kettlebell
2) Shovel left using 6lb med ball
3) Shovel right 6lb med ball
4) Clean and Press Left using 12lb kettlebell
5) Clean and Press Right using 12 lb kettlebell
Ab Routine didn't set the timer to 50/10 just did 50 reps of each
1) Reptile PushUp
2) Mountain Climbers
3) Star Push Ups

All in all great workout today, baked some cranberry walnut bread and coconut bars from Elana's pantry, currently addicted to Tulsi tea.

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Kathy said...

Uf dah, girl, that sounds like work!!! Thank goodness for Netflix to get us through these indoor winter runs!