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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Speedy run to the Rec

Quite cold this morning, nice and flat run for a change went a different to reduce the hills and get in a speedier run. Lots of skunks today was concern about getting sprayed not sure what is going on with them thought they will be somewhere staying warm but really the winter has been mild so that may be part of it. Still some pain on the knee from the fall but doesn't bother me when running. I guess it was my partner's time to fall today, we were sprinting the end of our run when she went down and hit herself in the abs with her elbow basically knocking the wind out of herself, a pickup driver turned around to make sure we were ok which was nice of him.

The run was to the fitness center and of cause there was quite a bit of people heading there for their morning workout or class, that was nice to see so many people still sticking to the new year resolution.

BodyRock TV Tighten it up Workout, 50 sec on 10 secs off, 3 rounds

Med ball shoulder lift and drop (L&R) - 23/20/20 use 8lbs

1 leg pushup and jump over med ball - 13/16/13 switching sides

10 high knees + 10 mountain climbers - 5/5/4

Tuck Knee & explosive star jump - 19/18/16

Abs 50/10 - 1 rounds

Star abs

left oblique plank & side drop
right oblique plank & side drop

Nutritionwise I am sticking with Dax Elimination diet, mainly because I truely enjoy the quality of the food am eating now, I haven't really introduced any eliminated food back into my diet yet which I am surprise about even when I went out to eat with my co-workers and I also noticing that I am getting fuller faster. Still drinking lots of fluid.

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On the Right Track said...

Hye...I came across your blog from Becky's! I am a new follower and newbie blogger myself!

curious to know what the Dax Elimination diet is all about?

Where is Solon btw? I grew up in Louiville Ky...but now live in NY, however I do go home quite often:)