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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Run For Sherry

In the mist of a blizzard I decided to meet the Northeast Ohio Running group at Orchard Hill park to get my run in for Sherry. This was normally a 30 mins drive but it took 90mins, if I had any sense should have turned back but this was Sherry after all, finally made it to the park and any attempt at picture taking wasn't working sicne the wind was blowing the snow and I must not have pin properly because within 5 mins my bib went flying. The loop in this park are short, I think the longest is 1.2miles and with the blowing snow and already 4inches on the ground we weren't really sure were the trail was, after getting 4 miles in that feel like 12 since we can hardly see and now was risky rolled ankle, I decided I was done. Ate some omelet and made an early departure and this time it took 2hours to get back home.

After paosting my initial mileage on Daily Mile I was somewhat dissapointed that I only got in 4 of  the 9 miles I was planning for Sherry and on my way to my basement to get in my strength workout I had a light bulb moment, get on the treadmill and get the rest done and that was exactly what I did.

It has been incredible seeing all the out pouring of love for Sherry's family from the running community, I think that is what makes this community so special.

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Kathy said...

Awesome! 4 miles in such conditions are just as good, if not better, than 9 on a good day! I love that you hopped on the treadmill and got all the miles in!