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Monday, February 13, 2012

Back to a trusted friend- Treadmill

Today was suppose to be an outdoor run with  my training partner but she cancelled since her car passenger window won't come up and we are currently at 20 degees with some nasty wind. So it ended up being a treadmill day, and yesterday I was accused of being addicted to running by my husband, I guess in light of Whitney's death being addicted to fitness is really not a bad thing since there are a host of stuff I can go after the funny thing, my total mileage last week was 37 not sure what is going to happen if I ever go after the 70miles week. Oh well.

I started out with Rachel Cosgrove Warmup - 13mins, really nice circuit that loosen up the whole body, then got on the treadmill was really only going to do 5 then it became 6 and before I know it, I was at mile 8, but to be honest I was really just shooting for 6:30am when I had to check on my son then can change activity. For today's run was watching True Grit on Netflix.
I really want to stay with the BodyRock TV workout but they do not post the workout at a consistent time and I have goign to bed not knowing what the workout is going to be.
Cosgrove Wkt - 12 mins
Forward Ball Roll - 20x
Deadlift 40# BB - 20 x
Military Press 12# -20x
1 leg squat - 10/side
Incline bench flye 12# - 20X
single leg shelc - 10/side
1 legged kettlebell row 12kg - 15/side

Cosgrove finisher-6 mins
3 burpee
1 tuck jump
6 burpee
2 tuck jump
9 burpee
3 tuck jump
12 burpee
4 tuck jump
This was hard and left me really breathless but oh so worth it, hopefully can do it at least 2 - 3 a week as a finisher.
Great way to start the week

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