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Monday, February 6, 2012

Dirty Love 10k Training Run - Trail

After doing a fast 5 miler on Saturday before heading to the Dentist, I woke up Sunday morning quite late mind up since the run didn't start until 11am, it really was nice to sleep in. Drove down to North Chagrin with Debra to run the Dirty love trail, I have no plan of doing the race but wanted to run the course. just having to start cutting back on racing the cost is adding up fast. About 20 people showed up more fast runners than slow but they did a good job of waiting or coming back to find us, but once I knew which trail we were going on I was fine Squirrel, bird, daisy and Salamander. The run started and ended at the Squire Castle which is also the start of Burning River 100, another beautiful day in Northeast Ohio trail was muddy but not too bad. Took my shoe and sock off when I went back to the car to get the camera since they were quite muddy.

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