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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Left leg still isn't 100% despite all that has been done to it but yesterday at work I basically iced it to death and was gifted this morning with a less painful leg. With 2 weeks to go for the Akron  marathon, taper started yesterday, this was a 24 weeks training plan so knowing that I am on week 23amazes me although I haven't stuck with the plan 100% due to trail races but kept most of the guideline in mind.

Today's workout was suppose to be mixed intervals but I decieded to do Runerval 1.0 with Coach Troy instead been a while since I hung out with him.

Base pace = 5.5mph
3x1min On/ 1 min OFF - BP +mph = 7.5mph
2 mins BP
3x1 min ON/ 1 min OFF - BP + 3mp = 8.5mph
2 mins BP
45 sec ON /45 sec OFF - BP + incline @ 2%, 3% , 4%, 5% & 6%
2 mins BP
2x1 min ON/1 min OFF - BP+3mph @ 2% & 3% incline
I was feeling very good so did interval 3 more times and interval 3 (hill climb) 1 more time but instead of keeping Bp @ 5.5mph, I switch to 6.6mph and was still able to run.

Great confidence buster workout, was able to get all the paces in and no screaming from the left leg but I did notice that my treadmill may be needing a tune up soon because it wasn't very happy today belt seems to be sliding to teh side also.

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E-Speed said...

Hope that leg stays on the up and up for Akron!