Miles to Health

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recovery day so 4 miles easy, I was really only going to do 3 miles but was stuck watching a show and also feeling great so tack on one more mile, still within my schedule had option of 2-6 miles just been doing 3 so wasn't over doing it for the taper week. Trail running is out for the next 2 weeks just to be on the save side, even though I have no issue trail running, just don't want to tempt faith.
Working on keeping lots of fruit, vegatable and water on hand, I keep a steady in take of food on hand during taper week since I do not believe in a big meal before racing, one of my local store have a good deal on nectarine and plum so I have been induging greatly.
After the run did 2 rounds of RKS #6, had to skip the last round since I was running late for my bus, may make it up tonight but I have been working on getting my son ready for back to college, goes back Saturday to start his junior year how time flies.

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