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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Love the internet for quick info, woke up this morning and downloaded the new GFit treadmill workout into my Sansa player, everything went fine but when I got down to the basement the system won't come on and after wasting 10mins trying to fix it, put it aside and just did a simple tempo run on the treadmill. After my run got on the treadmill and google "sansa won't come on" and got all the info I need, told to hold down the power button for about 15sec and guess what it worked. Gotta love the internet, :)

Today's workout, even in my mind I keep telling myself I can't do this but once I wrap my mind around it I find out I am quite capable of more that I think.
1 mile @ Recovery pace 5.5mph
then it was suppose to be 7 miles @ HMP 6.6mph but I told myself this was too hard and decided to do it @ MP 6.4mph after 2 miles decided what was the worst that could happen if I bring it up to 6.6mph a) fly off the treadmill b) drop back down to 6.4mph or lower so went for it, well nothing happened I was able to hold the pace and got in 3.4miles before I had to quit since I was once again running late for work wasted too much time messing with Sansa.

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