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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taper Week

Saturday had 13 miles on the schedule but wasn't feeling great stiff neck and ear infection so after 6 miles with my right shoulder throbbing not sure from what I called it a day after 6.5 miles, got home and took some Emergen C and did a rotation of ice and heat on my neck. Spent the rest of the day getting my son ready to go back for his 3rd year @ OSU, he is moving into his first college apartment.

Took Sunday off, since we had an early drive to Columbus to drop off my son and also put togther all those wonderful furnitures from Ikea and I still wasn't 100%.

Monday another day off, could have worked out if I wanted to but just wasn't in the mood, part of the problem with taper week I think since I know that not much I do now changes things on Saturday. Skipped the 6 miles on the schedule.

Today, well I think I had way too energy, was up by 3:30am and was buzzing, didn't want to over do the workout so got online and worked on stuff I have been meaning to do for weeks just to kill time. Finnalt went down to the basement to get my workout in around 5am, today was teh final mixed interval
1 mile @ 5.5mph
2k @ 6.6mph /90sec @ 4.0mph
1 mile @ 7.0 mph / 90sec @ 4.0mph
1k @ 7.2 mph
1 mile @ 5.7mph  ended up with 5.1miles felt great
then added on Fitness Fix Core Fix (20mins) and Lower Body Stretch (6mins) was initialy going to do a yoga workout but the dvd wasn't cooperating so skipped that and I was able to get ready early enough so I can catch the bus to teh terminal so I can ride my bike to work.

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