Miles to Health

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great workout today, was able to get 4 miles in outdoors even thou it was cooler it was still very humid, tried out my new Puma Faas 500 even though the shoe worked out fine I need to come up with the best sock for it the one I wore today wasn't it and I also noticed that although this is a light trainer it is still built up a bit in the heel because my foot is dragging when I wear it. I think I am evn up just sticking with the Adidas they are just perfect for me.

Did RKS #5 after running, was able to use 12kg for the ladder press although I did drop down to 15#  for 2 rounds, for the one hand swing started out with 12kg but increased to 16kg use the anti monkey butt powder to prevent my hands from ripping and it worked great. Miss being on the trail this week, two weeks to Akron Marathon so starting to taper.

Still working on nutrition, just not getting it right, I do not eat junk but eat a lot of the good stuff and always seem to be hungry.

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