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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Rain

The saying was April Showers bring May flowers well that is not really happening all I have in my beds are lots of weeds, and the little bit of flowers that are trying to poke their head out are drowning in all the rain we continue to have. It was cold and wet again today, couldn't ride bike and didn't feel like walking  the distance to work so waited around for the second bus that takes me close to work and then left work early enough to caught the bus back to the transit center.

Didn't get up either to workout this morning was up till after midnight with work problem and I think I needed my sleep instead of a 4:30am workout so got my workout in right after work but I have to say, I am not an after work exerciser, my brain is just to alert and away of all the aches and pain to get in a decent workout.

I was suppose to do 6 miles easy but just wasn't feeling the love, slight pain in right knee and glute so did 4 miles @ a 10:35 pace and called it done just to late in the game to get an injury. To make up for the 2 miles I was short added on Supreme 90 Cardio Challenge a great plyo cardio workout and then the 5 mins stretch.

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Laurie said...

I feel like it's been raining all over the country for weeks and weeks!