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Monday, May 2, 2011

Decided to take a rest day yesterday, was fine to run but noticed some tell tale signs of over training especially not being able to sleep. I went through my training log which I moved to Training Peak with the recent crash of Buckeye outdoors I felt I need another backup plan, so I spend the weekend recreating my log in TP.

Was tired this morning, since once I finally fell back asleep last night after talking to work, my sister in law was nice enough to wake me back up at 11:30pm to share the Ben Ladin new, slept in and move the workout to after work.

After dinner, waited 1 hour then hit the treadmill for 200 repeat, wasn't sure I was going to be able to do this since I really hate evening workout, not pretty but got it done did not hit my pace but there is always next time.

1 mile warmup
10x200 with 400 recovery target pace was 56mins
1 mile cool down

1 - 59:93
2 - 58:95
3 - 58:59
4 - 1:00:17
5 - 58:95
6- 58:40
7 - 58:10
8 - 58:96
9 - 48:05  Really feel like puking, how can people run this fast for any length of time OMG
10 - 58:45

Rounded it off with S90: Arms & Shoulder for 22 mins
Biked to and from work today, weather is still crappy, cloudy and only 50s was cold

Signed up for the 2011 Xterra trail series
6 -

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