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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Have you ever wonder

what none runners think of when they see a runner on the road, I mean a runner going out for a long run. Today was my last long run before Cleveland since I know there was no water on the route, I had my 4R speed nathan belt, arm warmer since it was windy cold but not cold enough for a long sleeve shirt and of cause my mp3 player. All this probably doesn’t face me when trail running or on the towpath but running through the suburbs is a different story of course my husband didn’t help matters much, when my friend called asking about me, he replied “she has her grenades ob, so she is probably going to be gone for a while.”

On long run you appreciates the little things, clean flushable bathroom in the middle of the Avery Park, thanks to the Village of Glenwillow. A nice safe sidewalk or asphalt path from Solon to the center of Historic Bedford, all I had to do was keep running until I get to 10 miles then turn around and a beautiful sunny day with no rain.

All the gear worked fine, nutrition will be adjusted a bit, it seems like 4 miles was fine at the beginning but after mile 12 it was getting too late. Tried Gatorade 1,2 & 3 since they were on sale, no stomach issue but a bit sweeter than I am use to.

Slight pain still on my right knee and left ache, so icing, messaging and stretching.

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