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Friday, April 29, 2011

Active Rest Day

No running on the schedule today but I was behind on the cross training and strength training schedule so got them in

32 mins on the stepper
10 mins on the Elliptical
S90 Ultimate Ball 30  mins
S90 Tabata Inferno 28 mins cut this short since I was running late for work.

Got most of the workout in while watching the Royal Wedding , not like I really had a choice all the channels were showing the same thing.

Of cause it was raining again today which I am so sick of at this moment and I didn't feel like walking to work, so I rode my bike in the rain, bad a rain jacket and a bonnet but the front of my jean did get slight wet but I figure I run in snow, rain or sun while not start doing the same with biking, I get there faster anyway. Still need to adjust the seat back, for a more comfortable fit but need the right tools.

There seem to have been a major damage to the server at buckeye outdoors where I log my workout, even thou I have paper log, I think I have more details over there so I am really hoping they can recover the data. oh well

15 days to the Cleveland Marathon but who is counting

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