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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Didn't get a god night sleep due to all the high wind and noise, it is amazing that we are getting 65mph wind in Ohio, this has really been one of the weirdest April excess rain and cold, back to the 40s tonight with more rain.

I got on the treadmill this morning to get my workout in but after like 1.6miles we lost power, so while going at 6.1mph my treadmill came to a dead stop very weird feeling and just as I was trying to decide what to do the power came back ON then OFF then ON again.

Got in 7 miles was really suppose to do 8, but got up late, while running I was watching Royal People Product Collectors, it is amazing how much stuff most of this people have, how much money they've spent. I do have to admit it does make them happen and one woman even got teary eye why talking to a wax doll of William.

Decided to walk into walk from the transit center today, it was very windy and even walking was difficult sometimes, don't think I have enough bike skills yet.

Intention after work today was to go trail running, but I needed to go back home and take my son back to school for a study session, which means I will be driving about 45mins back to the run location then I noticed that gas was now $4.15 and decided that the 5 mile was not worth the price of gas so dropped my son off and ran the ABC streets around school for 3 miles which was all I seem capable of doing, legs tired, body cold and still very windy with sprinkle of rain drop.

Not sure what is going on with Buckeye Outdoors where I log my workout, right now the sites URL is coming up missing, yesterday it said loading but eventually failed. I really hope it is not lost that is where my most complete data is except for my paper log. ahh...

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