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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Easy 6 miler today and I am trying to really keep the easy run at the right pace and heart rate zone, there is always that need to want to go a little bit faster just because you are feeling great. The easy runs are sandwich between speed workouts, so the easy has to be on target so as not to be too tired for the speed work the next day.

With the Garmin footpod, I am trying to under stand more about cadence, with easy run my cadence is about 88 and with speed work I am getting as high as 97, still no quite sure what an ideal cadence or target is suppose to be, but like the fact that my cadence is pretty consistent when doing easy or long runs.

I won a container of Amazing Meal from Molly, and since I got it I have been using it as my recovery drink after my runs and I have to say I am pretty impress, all I do is mix it with Almond milk, it taste pretty good, at least I don't chug it down. When I didn't take it on Sunday and Monday after my runs I could clearly tell the difference.

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