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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I struggle all of last year with running 6 days, there is really no reason why I wanted to do except it was a challenge and there was no reason not too except for the fact that my body wasn't responding, not as much as injury but pure fatigue and dead leg syndrome.

During my Christmas vacation in Arizona, the weather so beautiful and the scenery great I got out more and I also enjoyed the time spent working out with my 19 year old son, since I got back from vacation initially with no training plan I was just going out and run, all of a sudden I realized I was going out more days and was recovering better, right now my nutrition seems to play a key in how I recover from a run, you can say I am still on the New Year Resolution high of clean eating so hopefully with all the good benefit I can stick with it.

Today's workout

1 mile warmup
3x800 targeting 3:45 - 4:00, right now I find I am comfortably pushing at  4:08, so have run to grow.
1 mile cooldowm

Since I am doing the Yoga Journal 21 day Challenge, I am doing those workout since it normally include some sun salutation, I will go back to the sun salutation after the challenge is complete. Day 10 core focus.

Need recommendation for another winter running, love my cw-x but need a second pair since I am actually running outside more this year and will like to try some else that great for the cold.


Jamoosh said...

I just got a pair of Nike runnign tights that have wind panels that seem to work nicely.

Kovas said...

I'm getting some Brooks winter tights soon, will let you know how those work.