Miles to Health

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More snow today but not as windy as yesterday so the roads were better, I did manage to get to work today since I only have 2 working days left for the rest of the year need to get lots of things done as not to be called in to help doing my tie off.

I woke up today with incredible pain in my butt from yesterday's workout, and the spin session was hellish. Today's workout was 4 miles run interval, 32 mins on the stepper, 30 mins on the spin bike and Cathe Back and Biceps.

I got my new Garmin 305 and footpod yesterday, so was able to try them out today, worked great may have to recalibrate the foot pod so as to be able to handle varying speed change.


Andrew Opala said...

I'm guessing the foot pod is for indoors

Elizabeth said...

Yes, it is so I can have my Garmin recording all the data, really the only reason I wanted to upgrade to the 305 since this is not a function on the 301

Andrew Opala said...

When you get some graphs of your stride length and all that, start tracking it. I'm really interested in this and was thinking of buying a footpod for my 405 for this reason.