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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Arizona Road Race 30k

The day before did a quick 4 miles run to access how my body react to the increase temp since I was coming in from 19 degrees to 60 degrees, the run went fine but I can realize that I need more fluid and electrolyte but come race day the temperature was hotter that my practice run at  about 70 for the start and I was not interested in taking any gel or energy drink my stomach was having none of it which was going to be a problem so decided to just treat this as long training run.

The race took place in the Rio Vista Park, basically we ran to a location in the park turned around and ran back, since the whole race took place in a park there was no spectator, so it was just like a long run, someone running in front someone behind we were all just doing our thing. There was water and gatorade on the course and bathroom but really it was a long boring route, desert sand, occasional trees, occasional biker and hikers.

With only 113 30k runners, it means you didn't see too many people at the turn around and also that  by the time we slow 30k finisher got to the post run food most of it was gone even though I know they had a lot of food at the start but with 89 5k runners and the relay runners it was really beyond their control, but they had lots of drinks which was what I really wanted.

The race was very well organized, start was fine went off on time, at the finish there was just one guy waiting to collect the timing chip. This was a small race, probably offering a 5k  and a 30k  was a big jump, really felt bad for the volunteers out there but they were great, cheering and offering encouragement to keep us going.

I will probably run it again, it was a very challenging race and mentally/physically I wasn't ready for it but it was a nice way to get a long run in.

Total Finisher 91/113  
Female Finishers  30/42 
Age Group 6/6 
Chip Time 3:15:10 
Pace 10:29 
Gun Time 3:15:42 

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Christina said...

Nice job! I haven't run this race yet but maybe one day I will.