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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back from Vacation

After 2 weeks in sunny Arizona and Southern California, I am back to the cold/gray days of Ohio, I had a very good time getting away from life and work for a couple days just to recharge and reflect on the year ending. The weather at both locations was so perfect that it just beg for a run. I am so in love with the Scottsdale/Paradise Valley area, sidewalk and running path all over the place, blue skies and lots of mountains to climb. A lot of the resident complain about the 3 months of 120 degree heat but in the midwest we are looking at 6 months of cold so oh well.

I kept up with my running finally passing the 1000 mile mark, ran about 52 miles during my vacation, did lots of cross training, swimming, weight training and hiking with the family. Lots of time to reflect and reconnect but now back to real life and to plan for the up coming year.

Had a great Christmas but I always do anyway, the get away trip was our gift to each other and a way for the family to reconnect and recharge. I always love watch my 2 boys interact during this time, life is good.

Need to decide on races, goal, training plans and ... for the new year.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

You had a great year Elizabeth - have a great 2011!

Christina said...

Hurray for hitting the 1000 mile mark. Last year I was going out at 10pm to squeeze in a run to get to that mark. This year I hit it early.

I too need to decide on races, goals, etc.

Teamarcia said...

Az and SoCal sound so good right now, although it's balmy today,we'll pay for that soon.
Happy New Year!