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Monday, November 15, 2010

After my experiment of one, I have come to realize that my body absolutely hate more than 4 days of running, after just 2 weeks of trying to run for 5 days, not 5 days straight , just a easy/hard/easy/hard/xt/long/xt my legs were in pain, I was sensing the start of multiple injuries enough to cause me to take Thursday and Friday off. My left shin, my right foot, both ankles and knees, cross train on both days and did lots of icing, felt better enough on Saturday so I went for my trail race.

The goal for the 5 mile trail race was simple, avoid getting pass by the leader, this is a 2 loop race, and keep up with the 60 year old guy that blew by me at the first race. I was able to accomplish both and got a 1+ mins PR in the process, but I still believe I can run this race faster, so I have 1 more chance to prove it in December. Got back home from the race and did hours of gardening cleaning out the beds since the weather was beautiful for November in Ohio.

Sunday decided to do the workout I skipped on Thursday, well a modified version of it anyway
1 mile Recovery pace
2x400@ 1 mile pace
2x400@ 3k pace
2x400@ 10k pace then realize I forgot 5k pace
2x400 @ 5k pace
1x800 @ HM pace
1x800 @ M pace  then walked around to cooldown.

So instead of running 5 days, I am going to go back to doing doubles as time permit during the week and closely monitor for injury again.

Today's workout
6.2 miles @ base pace
Montenegro Power #1

Hoping to get in another 3 miles after work and then some yoga.

After  work got in the 3.1miles at base pace and did some stretches on my own.

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Kovas Palubinskas said...

I'm happy with 3 days of running (tempo, hills, and long run), with cycling on the other 3 days plus a day of rest on Monday. So important to find what works for you.