Miles to Health

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wasn't quite sure what to expect upon waking up this morning since yesterday was my first double which was following a hard workout on Sunday. After last night workout, I did massage and use the stick on my legs and made sure I was thoroughly cooled down before heading to bed, slept like a log. Woke up fine with no aches or pain and my body no protesting the double.

Today's workout is a 40mins tempo at 10k pace but I have come to realize that it wasn't the best approach and was a rememdy for disaster, since I started the program in the middle I have not gradually built up to the 50 mins time and realze that was the main cause of my shin pain last week. Instead sandwich the tempo between my base pace, no shin pain and was able to hold the pace without stopping, so did

11 mins @ recovery pace, wanted to get to 1 mile
9 mins @ mid base pace
20 mins @ 10k pace
10 mins @ high base pace ---- 5.2 miles

Montenegro Power #3 - this workout pack a punch and so perfect to do after a run with all those lunge variation/squats.

Next race is a 10k in Miami, Florida on Thanksgiving Day while spending time with my inlaws, I also plan on getting a long run of about 16 miles in that weekend to help prepare me for my 30k in Arizona, so probably no holiday shopping for me.


Andrew Opala said...

let's hope I can nudge my HRs higher and higher!

You are an ace with this, but woman have traditionally had higher HRs and BPs than men.

But you are considerably higher for your age.

Good luck in Miami!

Molly said...

nothing like sleeping like a log!

and, I use the chocolate flavored amazing grass, check back next week for a giveaway.... : )

racing dawn said...

Good luck in Miami - that sounds like a great place to have Thanksgiving - warm!

Thanks for the link too - it had a couple races that I hadn't come across! Now I have to decide between AZ and CA!

cambiamento said...

Great workout! Have fun on your 10k! I am running one Turkey day here in SC!!!

Come follow me! I am now adding my running blogs from another site to my blogger google site!!

I can't wait to hear about your 30k when is it?