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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recovery Week 1

After the marathon, took my Hammer Nutrition Recoverite as soon as I got my gear bag and took a ice bath when I got home, use the stick to massage both legs, some tiredness and fatigue but I was fine, no problem going up or down the staircase (I guess this is suppose to be the official how your leg is feeling after a marathon test) .

Sunday I woke up with no pain except at the bottom of my right foot which is from having some problem with my sock and shoe not sure exactly what the problem was, neither was new. Did Yoga for Runners from Yogamazing before church and that was just perfect. Yogamazing is free on itune and Chaz is great, gives perfect instruction on how to get into poses don't just assume you already know.

Monday was a rest day because I needed more sleep and not due to pain.

Tuesday Dynamic Flexibility, 3 miles at  Recovery Pace (average 12:19) and Jillian Michaels Maximize Back in Action

Wedsnesday 4 miles @ Recovery Pace ( average 11:41), Jillian Michaels Maximize Full Frontal and 90 mins of yoga class.

Goal this week is only run in recovery pace, ice knees for prevention and lots of stretching.

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Kovas Palubinskas said...

Sounds like you've got the recovery down pat!