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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last day of September and I was able to finish on a very high note, when I signed up for Trish Options for life September Challenge I picked 150 miles for the month just because I know I will have to run some miles after the marathon to meet my goal also it will get me to 700 for the year, which is awesome since I didn't run much the first 4 months of the year so it is looking more and more likely that I may just meet my goal of 1000 for the year. This is also my second highest running month.

 In order to get to 150 by today, I needed less than 8 miles but less than 9 miles to get to 700 for the year, I went to bed not deciding on a game plan but when 4:30am rolled around I woke up feeling great and energetic so headed down to the basement still wasn't sure about what I was going to do but decided to break the miles.

Miles 1 & 2 then 15 mins of Medicine Ball Workout miles 3&4 then 15 mins of Brazilian Butt lift moves miles 5&6 then 15 mins band workout, make sure son#2 is actually up and dresses for school and ready to go, treadmill shutdown at 99.59 was only at 8.27 miles still need about .4 to get to 700 so restarted the treadmill to finish it out. 8.27 miles @ recovery pace then the 0.4 @ base pace.

Goal for October, is to keep running hopefully get back to the trails since I am thinking of signing up for a trail 50k in January and the only race I have on schedule for this month is a 5 miles trail run.

Also, I really need to get back to doing a former strength training program, I think I got kind of mussy from not having a very good strength program, ordered the Montenegro method so will mix that up with P90X.

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