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Friday, August 20, 2010

Wednesday was suppose to be a cross training and Upper body day but I ended up with a rest day since I needed to spend time with hubby and also get him packed for his trip out of the country.

Thursday - Due to staying up late to get hubby ready and also a 2:30am call from my job because of some manaufacturing problems, I was in no shape ready to run 9 miles at 4:30am since I badly needed more sleep so I postpone the run till after work. It was a very busy day at work, we were having so many process problems so I was running around all day, so upon getting home I was extremely tired but I couldn't figure out where else to fit the run since I have 18 on Saturday and I was not going to do a back to back, so I decided to get it done but chose not to run it outside since i know I will not make the pace just to tired and went down to the basement to get on the treadmill after dropping son #2 off at band practice because i know I will keep the pace. The training plan was
1 mile @ recovery pace 5.4mph
7 miles @ HM pace 6.6mph
1 mile @ recovery pace 5.4 but I ended up at 8mph since son# 2 called and needed to be picked up and I didn't want to have to get back on the treadmill when I got back. 9 miles average pace 9.25

Friday -
20 mins on the elliptical
Barry's Bootcamp  Lower Body Adv - Around the world lunges, side lunges and walking lunges
6 of my pick from the Hard Core Series due to limited time.


Andrew Opala said...

Hey Elizabeth, I've seen "recovery pace" used everywhere. What is that?

Does it mean "not so fast" or is there actually some way of telling what it is? So many strides a second or a speed?

Just a stupid question.

Elizabeth said...

Andrew, recovery pace is slow so that I can easily carry a conversation with a running partner or myself without huffing and puffing a "comfortable pace".

I am using the book, Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald for my training, this is my first time using it for a full marathon but I used it for 2 halfs last year and was able to break 2 hours. The program is very detailed and it tells me what pace to run based on my realistic goal finish time.

Also, if you plug in a previous or realistic goal time into McMillian's Running Calculator, it gives you a very detailed list of paces.

Hope that helps