Miles to Health

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dynamic Flexibility - Walking Lunges (1 min)

1 mile recovery pace 5.4mph
3k @ HM pace 6.6mph 2 mins recovery
2k @ 10 k pace 7.0mph 2 mins recovery
1k@ 5k pace 7.2mph 2 mins recovery
800meter @ 3k pace 7.5mph
1 mile recovery 6-5.4mph

7 miles average pace of 9:42

Barry's Bootcamp Lower Body Beginners - 12 mins - Forward Lunges & Reverse Lunges (30 sec each leg)

Hard Core Club Day 2 - still hurts

All in all a good workout, slight twinge in my right knee, so icing and keeping an eye on it.


Andrew Opala said...

Massively varied workout! Looks very interesting ... it almost makes my mouth water.

o-oh, hard core still hurts ... what have I gotten into.

Jamoosh said...

Great job getting those core workouts in!