Miles to Health

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Really didn't feel like doing Barry or the elliptical the last 2 days so did some workout on my own. yestedayy, I picked up 5 Exercise TV from the dollar store and for a change of pace today did Cardio Blast with Michael Carson and Ultimate Buns with Stephanie V (?) it was a nice change.

On the injury front, both legs are feeling better and I think I am finally getting back to a normal gait on walking, since I have been injured for so long the walking gait was actually worst that the running gait and I have also been using the orthotics in my daily shoe which is actually a running shoe that didn't workout great for running but has been great for walking.

1 more week to go then I start back slowly to running 1 mile at a time to see how things response, the only sad part was that I made so much gain last year but I am back to square one this year none the less I am still greatly to be be able to expereience the joy of running.

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