Miles to Health

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

1 min jump rope
1 min running in place with high knee
1 min rest
Repeat 3x

Squat 3x12 16kg KB
Lunges 3x12 16Kg KB
Mountain Climbers 2x10
1 min rest

Ballet Squat 3x12 16kg KB
Stiff legged Deadlift 3x12 16krKB
Mountain Climber 2x20
1 min rest

Calf raises 3x25 16Kg KB
Upright Row 3x12 22# body bar
Mountain Climber 3x30
1 min rest

Calf Raises toe in 3x25 16kg KB
Trcicep Kickback 3x12 25# DB
Mountain Climber 3x40
1 min rest

2x5 Pullups
2x50 hand to hand 12kg KB swing
2x12 knee raise


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