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Monday, June 9, 2008

Met with the Sport MD at 8:30am today, like him much better and the official diagnosis is High Hamstring Tendinopathy, he gave me a medical article to read and the symptoms where dead on. The course of treatment is to see a PT , strengthen glutes and core, soft tissue massage to promote healing unfotunately it is not an easy/fast fix but am just glad to have a treatment plan in place.

I can still run as long as there is no excessive pain, so I am going to limit the week day run to 4 miles and just run as long as the team is going on the trail for the weekend.

Also went and got my gait analysis and thinks look pretty good but I seem to be dropping my hips, so have to work on side to side movement and also may switch to a neutral shoe to try it out. I have flat feet, just flat feet period.

Slide + Cathe Pure Strength Floor Legs + Abs

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